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Abbotsford Concrete Segmental Wall Systems

Abbotsford Concrete’s Segmental Wall system is a mortarless, stacked garden wall system that is easy to handle for the weekend warrior or commercial landscape developer alike.

With this simple system you can create beautiful retaining walls, raised garden beds and stairs that will enhance any landscape and increase the property’s value for many years to come.

Garden WallScapes

The Garden WallScapes product line is lightweight  (25 lbs), and comes in three different finishes of varying courseness: Classic Face, Quarry Face, Rock Face.

This product integrates well with a wide range of landscape and is ideal for building garden retaining walls, garden edges, steps, posts and pillars. The versatile building blocks allow you to easily create curves or straight lines in your designs.


Benefits include easy installation(mortarless interlocking) long term durability, low maintenance and easy repairs or modifications.

StackWall & Roman StackWall

The StackWall System is a smaller sized mortarless garden wall system that is finished on both sidesis. This line is ideal for shorter garden retaining walls, smaller and more intricate garden edges, dividers, posts and pillars.

With Abbotsford Concrete’s StackWall & Roman StackWall systems, you can create uniquely shaped planters and gateway pillars in curves or straight lines. This product is available in seven colors to match your personal style.


Benefits include easy installation (mortarless interlocking and self aligning), light weight pieces (17 lbs), long term durability, low maintenance and easy repairs or modifications.

Pisa OneStone

The Pisa OneStone is a large format engineered segmental retaining wall system that can be used for a variety of architectural styles and designs from residential to commercial.

Pisa OneStone comes in one size with three different faces, allowing you to create different patterns without having to use a multi-stone system.


The PisaLite retaining wall system offers the ultimate in flexibility of design from taming that steep slope, to creating a beautiful focal point in your landscape design. With its lightweight composition it is easy to install and requires little maintenance. PisaLite with its multi-piece system allows you to create sweeping curves and unique patterns to reflect your individual taste. PisaLite enables you to manage and optimize grade changes on your project to create incredible raised patios, terraces, planters and parking areas.

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