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Abbotsford Concrete HydraPressed Slabs

Abbotsford Concrete Products’ HydraPressed Slabs are durable patio slabs that are ideal for decks, patios, rooftops, walkways and driveways where both strength and aesthetic appeal are important. HydraPressed Slabs can installed on sand, mortar, or pedestal systems which are designed for sloped surfaces that require precise alignment, leveling, even spacing, drainage, and air circulation.

As official suppliers of these products, you can contact us for pricing and specifications.

Texada HydraPressed Slabs

Named after the Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest, the Texada HydraPressed Slabs has a light Shot-Blast finish which provides a smooth textured surface. They are manufactured by hydraulically pressing concrete with 400 tonnes of pressure to product dense, durable slabs that have a non-slip surface. Combine this slab with with any of our other slab styles to create a unique designs and surface textures.


Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Texada Slabs.

Saturna HydraPressed Slabs

Saturna HydraPressed Slabs receive a deeper shot-blast than the Texada patio slab creating a course, exposed aggregate appearance that is rich color accents. The Saturna is ideal where a more dramatic texture is required and is available in many different colours including: Natural, Charcoal, Tan, Green, Desert Sand, Brown and Red.

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Saturna Slabs.

Sandstone HydraPressed Slabs

Sandstone HydraPressed Slabs have the Pacific Slate Finish with a light Shot-Blast Finish for added texture which gives it the look of natural stone. Use this paving slab in combination with the Texada slabs as borders and accents for great results. Ideal for driveways, walkways and great for use around pools where the soft look and feel will be easy on you and your guests.

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Sandstone Slabs.

Aristokrat Series

The Aristokrat® Series is perfect for terraces, roof decks, patios, court yards, swimming pools, water features or any traditional hardscape areas. Porcelain slabs deliver performance, style, versatility and are resistant to staining, fading, marking, chemicals and extreme weather. It is the ideal choice for residential or commercial outdoor applications but can also be used indoors for aesthetic continuity. 

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on the Aristokrat Series

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