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Abbotsford Concrete AquaPave Permeable Pavers

The AquaPave® Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System is a paving methodology which integrates drainage, filtration and permeable pavers to deal with rainwater runoff in an environmentally friendly way.


This integrated system of concrete paving allows excess rain water and storm water to drain off and percolate through a permeable concrete paving stone surface into a clean interlocking gravel base before being released into storm sewers or waterway. As a result, pollution and contaminants from our urban road systems don’t have a chance to enter our rain cycle.


The AquaPave® system helps to clean and improve the quality of runoff water by filtration through the base and microbial action. In many instances, the outflow of water can even be re-used for irrigation of domestic and commercial landscapes.


Visit the AquaPave® website for a wealth of detailed information on the various types of applications and how each of them work.


Contact us if you are in need of a certified Abbotsford Concrete AquaPave® Installer in the Greater Vancouver area

AquaPave Standard

The Standard Series is the ultimate in adaptive design. The large selection of colors can be used individually or in combination to create a wide variety of patterns to reflect your personal style, from the understated to the dramatic.

AquaPave® paving units have gaps less than 13 mm wide, which meet the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Since AquaPave® does not need to be sloped to drain, access for the disabled can be made easier. AquaPave® provides a safe, smooth surface free of loose aggregates ensuring a reliable footing for the elderly or disabled using canes, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs.

AquaPave Old Country Stone

AquaPave Old Country Stone, a permeable paver doesn't have to look like one. Today's technology can transport the European charm of the past right to your doorstep. Old Country Stone is the perfect choice for reflecting the incredible possibilities when old world charm meets the present.

Old Country Stone is a tumbled paver that gives the aesthetics of a hand-hewn stone. When the image requires the strong foundations of the past in combination with a modern "competative edge" the solution is Old Country Stone.

AquaPave Venetian Cobble Series

The 90mm thick Venetian Cobble Series is one of our most innovative accomplishments to date. Venetian Cobble has the aesthetic appearance of natural cut stone, enhancing the Large Format design motif, while softening the lineal appearance by combining five interrelated shapes.

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