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Lighting & Sprinkler Systems 

Custom Landscape Lighting
For our residential landscape lighting customers, nothing feels as welcoming as a safe and warmly lit walkway guiding all guests towards the entrance. You'll find yourself waiting until the sun goes down just to catch a glimpse of your property's lighting system.
Custom lighting creates ambiance and beauty during the evening and we have the experience to incorporate a lighting setup that will accentuate the best parts of your property's landscape design attributes. We wholesale and carry a full range landscape building supplies and low voltage lighting choices and can work with you to create your desired look and feel.

Sprinkler Systems
Keep your garden and lawn lush, green and healthy with our automated sprinkler systems that are arranged and installed to provide 100% coverage of your landscaping investment. Our sprinkler systems are run on timers, with rain sensors and backflow valves to ensure optimal watering times and amounts.

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