Allan Block Courtyard Collection

The AB Courtyard Collection is a free-standing, above ground wall and post system that comes with either the AB Courtyard for a classic cut stone look or the AB Old Country Courtyard for the aged, old world look. This collection gives you great design flexibility for your patio or an open courtyard where you can take advantage of the ability to build curved or circular wall structures. Surround your patio and create landscape elements like ledges, benches, seating and grilling areas.

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Allan Block - AB Courtyard

The AB Courtyard Collection is a free-standing, above ground system for building landscape structures such as walls, pillars, planters, garden benches and seats that have a classic cut stone look.  The Courtyard pieces are versatile enough to build straight or curved wall structures to creatively enclose your patio or grilling area. Contact us for pricing information and to determine the specifications for your project.

Detailed information on the AB Courtyard Collection can be found on the Allan Block website.

Allan Block - AB Old Country Courtyard


The AB Europa Collection of products brings a natural looking, hand-laid stone effect. You can use the blocks individually or blend them together to create AB Abbey Blend patterned walls that are imbued with an aged, medieval charm.


Detailed information on the AB Europa Collection can be found on the Allan Block website.

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