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Deerwood Landscaping Ltd. Landscape Waterfalls and Ponds in North Vancouver BC, Canada

Landscape Waterfalls & Ponds

A pivotal focal point within many of our landscape designs comprises the creation of bespoke waterfalls and garden ponds. These installations can be seamlessly incorporated into either the front or backyard of your property. Our approach places great emphasis on unique design elements, including acoustics, serenity, and privacy, ensuring that every stroll through your garden becomes an escape into tranquility and relaxation. These outdoor additions are meticulously tailored to harmonize with your personal style and the architectural character of your home. As certified dealers for Belgard Canada, we extend competitive pricing on landscape building supplies.


When fashioning custom waterfalls and other water features, we take into account factors such as property slope, architectural considerations, and the natural flow of water through your garden pond. The ultimate result is a backyard oasis where you can retreat and immerse yourself in the soothing symphony of flowing water.


For a complimentary design consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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