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Landscape Design & Maintenace

Our area of expertise revolves around landscape design and maintenance. As the foremost authority in Vancouver, we oversee all facets of landscaping, spanning from initial design conception through to meticulous installation and the essential upkeep necessary to maintain the enduring beauty and value of your investment. Our team possesses an in-depth knowledge of the plant species we utilize, enabling us to provide expert guidance on the optimal combinations of soft landscaping, plantings, and lawn coverings that will enrich the visual appeal and intrinsic worth of your property


Our garden maintenance program is all-encompassing, encompassing essential tasks like trimming, weeding, pruning, lawn care, edging, fall and spring cleanups, aeration, power raking, fertilization, moss control, and liming. Furthermore, we are well-prepared to address landscape restoration requirements arising from unfortunate incidents such as weather-related damage, vehicular impacts, or acts of vandalism.


For a complimentary landscape design consultation and estimate, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Deerwood Landscaping driveway project West Vancouver BC, Canada using Moduline Paving Stones and ZenWall from Belgard Hardscape Products
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