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Allan Block Retaining Walls

As an official Allan Block supplier serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area, we offer all available lines of high quality Allan Block retaining wall products including the AB Collection, the AB Europa Collection and the new AB Fieldstone Eco-friendly Collection.

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Allan Block – AB Collection

AB Collection Ashlar blend pattern retaining wall

A favourite amongst wall builders for years, the AB Collection of products has the classic cut stone look that will enhance any outdoor living space. The interlocking blocks are easy to install and have a hollow core that provides superior drainage and lighter weight for a faster installation. You can use blocks individually or blend the various shapes to create unique AB Ashlar Blend patterned walls.

Detailed information on the AB Collection can be found on the Allan Block website.


Allan Block – AB Europa Collection

Natural looking AB Europa Collection stones

The AB Europa Collection of products brings a natural looking, hand-laid stone effect. You can use the blocks individually or blend them together to create AB Abbey Blend patterned walls that are imbued with an aged, medieval charm.

Detailed information on the AB Europa Collection can be found on the Allan Block website.


Allan Block – AB Fieldstone

AB Fieldstone retaining wall pieces

The AB Fieldstone system allows the use of recycled materials in the assembly mechanism while maintaining the aesthetic look of the outward facing pieces. Each anchoring unit is created with recycled materials that are sourced locally in order to minimize the fuel needed to transport the materials.

Detailed information on the AB Fieldstone segmental retaining wall system can be found on the Allan Block website.

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