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Abbotsford Concrete Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are concrete and stone tiles that fit together to cover decks, driveways, patios, steps, stairways, walkways or any ground area that you might consider placing concrete or bricks. Because pavers don’t require grout or mortar, they are easy to install and maintain and great for do-it-yourself projects. The pavers are constructed from poured concrete, so they are durable and resistant to wear.

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lighted interlocking paver pathway landscape design The classic Standard Series comes in six sizes, a large selection of colors and can be used in a variety of patterns. As shown in this example, we can also advise you on lighting fixtures to incorporate into your patio or walkway design.
Drive way with Pacific Slate pavers

The Pacific Slate Series has a natural stone appearance and be combined with the Classic Standard Series. Pacific Slate Finish is available in three sizes that can be combined to create various unique patterns. Incorporate different colours to create even more intricate and one of a kind patterns.

Driveway with circular pattern using Old Country Stone pavers The Old Country Stone Series, as its name implies, gives a softer, old world look and feel while providing modern day benefits like easy installation, durability and cost effectiveness. The Old Country Stone pieces are tumbled which gives it a natural stone quality and the appearance of a hand shaped stone.
Drive way with Villa Stone interlocking pavers The Villa Stone Series allows unique patio designs using sweeping curves, fan shapes, full and half circles as well as a random cobble pattern.
Driveway with Chateau Stone pavers The Chateau Stone Series is a tumbled product which gives the surface and edges a hand quarried stone look. Available in four sizes and a variety of colours for limitless pattern designs, this product will provide an elegant European accent to your design.
Patio walkway with Flagstone pavers

FlagStone is ideal for decks, patios, sidewalks and pool areas. Other common applications involve stairways and stepping stones. Note: This product is not recommended for vehicle applications.

FlagStone consists of six identically shaped pavers, each with its own unique pattern, in six color blends that easily fit together to create an authentic look of natural flagstone.

Installation of FlagStone requires the application of a Polymeric Joint Sand, designed specifically to fill the wider joints. Contact us for details.

Patio walkway with Legend Interlocking Pavers Legend is a stylish paving stone that is quick and easy to install. Use various color combinations and two tight fitting patterns to beautify your patio, walkway or drive way.
Wide courtyard and walkway with Universal Interlocking Pavers This durable interlocking paving stone is ideal for high traffic areas. The unique jig-saw shape, available in three different measurements can be placed in a variety of patterns from an informal herringbone to a classic parquet design.
Grass Grid covered in dirt and grass GrassGrid is a lightweight plastic product manufactured from 100% recycled plastics designed to stabilize and support turf, grass or decorative gravel. It provides designers and developers with an environmentally friendly, grassed alternative to concrete and asphalt surfaces that is practical and more natural looking.




How it is used:
GrassGrid is used in the landscape, construction and environmental remediation applications. Positioned under the grass surface, GrassGrid distributes loads from pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the base course below, which minimizes grass and root compaction.

Common applications include:
Emergency and firelane access
Vehicle overflow parking lots for commercial developments, homes, sports complexes, festival grounds, churches
Golf cart paths
Racetrack infield and pit areas
Drainage channels
Slope stabilization and erosion control

Grass Grid Illustration Side profile illustration of a grass grid supported lawn

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