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HydraPressed Slabs

Abbotsford Concrete Products’ HydraPressed Slabs are durable patio slabs that are ideal for decks, patios, rooftops, walkways and driveways where both strength and aesthetic appeal are important. HydraPressed Slabs can installed on sand, mortar, or pedestal systems which are designed for sloped surfaces that require precise alignment, levelling, even spacing, drainage, and air circulation.

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HydraPressed Slabs HydraPressed Slabs HydraPressed Slabs


Texada HydraPressed Slabs

Patio with Texada HydraPressed patio slabs

Named after the Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest, the Texada HydraPressed Slabs has a light Shot-Blast finish which provides a smooth textured surface. They are manufactured by hydraulically pressing concrete with 400 tonnes of pressure to product dense, durable slabs that have a non-slip surface. Combine this slab with with any of our other slab styles to create a unique designs and surface textures.

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Texada Slabs.


Saturna HydraPressed Slabs

Walkway with Saturna HydraPressed Patio Slabs

Saturna HydraPressed Slabs receive a deeper shot-blast than the Texada patio slab creating a course, exposed aggregate appearance that is rich color accents. The Saturna is ideal where a more dramatic texture is required and is available in many different colours including: Natural, Charcoal, Tan, Green, Desert Sand, Brown and Red.

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Saturna Slabs.


Sandstone HydraPressed Slabs

Staiway landing with Sandstone HydraPressed Slabs

Sandstone HydraPressed Slabs have the Pacific Slate Finish with a light Shot-Blast Finish for added texture which gives it the look of natural stone. Use this paving slab in combination with the Texada slabs as borders and accents for great results. Ideal for driveways, walkways and great for use around pools where the soft look and feel will be easy on you and your guests.

Visit the Abbotsford Concrete site for more information on Sandstone Slabs.


BlackJack OneStep

BlackJack plastic base for Hydrapress Slabs

The BlackJack OneStep is an eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic pedestal support system for HydraPressed Patio Slabs. BlackJack OneStep is light and durable allowing easy placement of HydraPressed Slabs on roofs, balconies, patios, plaza decks, swimming pool decks and other areas where well-drained and level surfaces are required.

BlackJack OneStep eliminates the use of bedding sand, mortar sets and joint sealants thereby reducing unecessary loading on building structures. Slabs are easily removed, minimizing disruption to building occupants when repairs are necessary.

With this system, there will be rapid drainage of rainwater reducing ponding and algae build up. It also creates an air space between the substrate and the slab improving thermal and acoustic insulation.

Download Abbotsford Concrete’s BlackJack OneStep PDF for detailed information and installation guidelines.

BlackJack plastic pedestal being flexed Side profile of BlackJack plastic pedestal holding patio slabs Hydrapressed slabs held up by BlackJack plastic pedestals


BlackJack ScrewJacks

BlackJack ScrewJack dedestal diagram

The BlackJack ScrewJack pedestal system replaces traditional concrete filled forms with polypropylene bases that are able to bear loads of more than 1000 kg/pedestal for the support of paving slabs and timber or timber composite decking. Common applications include roof terraces, balconies, garden terraces and swimming pools surrounds. They can also be used for temporary floors in trade shows and special events.

Each pedestal can be adjusted millimetre by millimetre for all types of plaza decks or raised floor applications. A slope corrector placed under the base of the pedestal can compensate for a slope of up to 5% in the substrate.

Advantages include unmatched stability for areas with high pedestrian traffic as well as quick installation and removal of the HydrPressed slabs for maintenance or repair of the substrate or drainage system.

Download Abbotsford Concrete’s BlackJack ScrewJack Pedestal PDF for detailed information and installation guidelines.

Side angle illustration of a BlackJack pedestal holding up a wood deck Illustration of a wood deck with a BlackJack ScrewJack pedestal foundation Illustration of HydraPressed slabs with a BlackJack ScrewJack pedestal base

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