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What is the AquaPave® Permeable Pavers System?

The AquaPave® Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System is a paving methodology which integrates drainage, filtration and permeable pavers to deal with rainwater runoff in an environmentally friendly way.

This integrated system of concrete paving allows excess rain water and storm water to drain off and percolate through a permeable concrete paving stone surface into a clean interlocking gravel base before being released into storm sewers or waterway. As a result, pollution and contaminants from our urban road systems don’t have a chance to enter our rain cycle.

The AquaPave® system helps to clean and improve the quality of runoff water by filtration through the base and microbial action. In many instances, the outflow of water can even be re-used for irrigation of domestic and commercial landscapes.

Visit the AquaPave® website for a wealth of detailed information on the various types of applications and how each of them work.

Contact us if you are in need of a certified Abbotsford Concrete AquaPave® Installer in the Greater Vancouver area.