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North Vancouver Landscaping Company

Deerwood Landscaping LTD. is a North Vancouver Landscaping Company that has been serving landscaping needs in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia  for over 35 years. We employ over 20 full-time employees, and own all of our own equipment including excavators, bobcats and other work vehicles. We also have two subsidiary companies which specialize in their respective services. Greensleeves Garden Grooming handles our landscape maintenance while Zale Construction handles all custom carpentry needs for our landscape designs.


Competitive Rates and Better Quality Control:

Because we own all of our own specialized equipment, we can handle a large majority of work by ourselves rather than having to subcontract our work. If you work with us, you’ll know that there won’t be any added layers of cost for hiring subcontractors. What this means for you, our customers, is that we can offer you more competitive rates, better quality control and the piece of mind that your job will be done right. Our expertise and experience allows us to handle any job, large or small, private or commercial.


Our Past Clients

Throughout our 35 year history, we’ve worked with several prominent clients such as, Maclean Management, Home Line Projects, The Fama Group, The District of North Vancouver, The City of North Vancouver, The District of West Vancouver, Buron Construction, BSC Construction, GLR Construction, Artian Construction, Department of Fisheries, Lucas Anderson Construction, Somerset Homes, California Homes, Vanview Developments, Fairmile Construction, Matthew Cheng Architect & Associates, Creative Landscape Properties, Mohtadi Holdings, Park Gate Library, PCI Realty and The Coast Plaza Suite Hotel and many others.



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